About Us

What is Love INC?

  • Love in the name of Christ (Love INC) is a strategy to help Christian churches help their neighbors in need.
  • Love INC is a network of churches that link church ministries and volunteers to those in need.
  • Love INC is a cooperative effort between churches and community agencies to provide effective help for the disadvantaged.
  • Love INC is a vehicle that helps churches, collectively and individually, fulfill their Biblical mandate to reach out to the poor and needy.

Why does Love INC Work?

Love INC is a network of Christian churches that work together to help people in the local community.  The Love INC office is the coordinating center and clearinghouse. The clearinghouse receives phone calls for requests of all kinds.  Requests are verified for their legitimacy by caring, trained volunteers.  Then, we do our best to match the needs with the available resources.  Network churches are contacted first, in order to connect clients with Christian ministry.  If our churches are not able to meet the need, then we will help people connect with other community resources.

By working together, Christian churches are able to assist people more effectively and be better stewards of their own resources.  Much more is accomplished together than any one church can do on its own.

Love INC makes it possible for Christian people to serve the Lord according to their gifts and life experiences.  Love INC helps churches to help people.


Love In the Name of Christ is:

  • A network of churches that links Christian volunteers and ministries to people in need.
  • A cooperative effort between churches and community agencies to provide effective help for the disadvantaged.
  • A vehicle that helps churches, collectively and individually, fulfill their biblical mandate to reach out to their community.

Communities need Love INC because existing resources operating independently are inadequate to meet the current and growing levels of need.  One church alone cannot deal with all the complex issues that people in need present; it takes churches working together to meet these multifaceted needs.  Through Love INC, churches show the love of Jesus Christ and bring help and hope to their struggling neighbors and the needy in their communities.

The Clearinghouse forms the foundation for all Love INC ministries in all affiliates.  The Love INC Clearinghouse:

  1. Receives request for help.  A person in need calls the Love INC Clearinghouse with a request for help.
  2. Assesses the need.  Volunteers or staff conduct an intake to examine the nature, extent, and legitimacy of the client’s need.  Prayer for and with the client is always offered.
  3. Provides help.  After the client’s need is analyzed and verified, the client is referred to the most appropriate partner church, church volunteer, agency or faith-based organization to provide the appropriate resources, programs, or services to address the need.
  4. Follows up.  Clearinghouse volunteers follow up with the client and volunteer or ministry that provided the assistance.

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